I've made some more progress on my Ironjawz Megaboss!

After completing the face I glued his front plate on, there were some join lines on the skull on his shoulder and other shoulderpad, I simply filled them with green stuff and then painted over the base colours. When I initially airbrushed the model, I airbrushed it the orange and then airbrushed the green for the skin, this meant there was a little overspray on the orange this was easily fixed with thin layers of orange. The way I like to work when painting is to paint all of the base colours and then shade the entire model, I feel this helps productivity and also means everything is at the same stage. The next steps for the model is to add shading to everything and then begin highlighting and detail work. I also made some progress on the base adding the crackle glaze to create the cracked ice effect, and then added the blue and green glazes. I will complete this when the rest of the model is finished.

I've begun work on my next model for my Ironjawz army, the Megaboss! I've started out painting the face before attaching his front plate, as this obscured a lot of the face. I wanted to pay close attention to the face and make it really stand out, and also spend a little more time on it as well as the whole model considering it is a character model. The skin is Elysian Green shaded Druchii Violet thinned with Lahmian Medium, I then highlighted with Ogryn Camo and Vallejo Ivory. I also glazed Carroburg Crimson around the nose and mouth. The little spots on the skin are Deathworld Forest mixed with black and thinned with a little bit of water and dotted on. I really enjoyed spending time on this and I'm happy with it! Excited to get on with the rest of him now!

Hi everyone, I explained in my last blog post that the Warlords event at Warhammer World had sparked inspiration in me to start a new army, well here it is - Ironjawz! I've finished my first unit for the army, a unit of Brutes. I explain why I chose this army, the scheme and how I painted the armour and skin after the jump!

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