I've started the arduous task of painting 15 Chaos Cultists. I've started with the close combat armed models. Weirdly, there are only 6 out of the 15 armed this way. The other 9 are armed for ranged warfare. I quite like painting a horde, I can cut corners and they're a bit more rough around the edges then say the Deathwatch Squad or the Assassins which command more of an character level paint job. I'm hoping to finish these today because it's a bank holiday here in England today. 

Please excuse the classic miniature that I've used for this tutorial. It does translate perfectly to the new modern sculpts and covers, rusty metals, dirty wood, black and red cloth, brown leather and green skin. This tutorial can also be used for Warhammer Fantasy Orcs, just replace shoota for shield. Read on for the full comprehensive guide to painting Orks / Orcs.

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