Hey everyone, Lecoqadoodledo here. I recently painted up the Imperial Space Marine from the 30th Anniversary of Space Marines. I chose to paint it up as a Blood Angel because I have decided to do a Heresy Era army of the 9th Legion, and this would afford me the opportunity to get a solid idea of colours and theme. I opted for both shoulder pads being Mark VI, so that I could have more freehand on the model, and a larger scenic base as this would be purely for display.

Hey guys, I've made some progress on the Knight. I've varnished the body and painted the thermal cannon arm. Left to do are the chainsword arm and rocket launcher. This model takes ages to finish, but somehow I enjoy taking my time with this one.

I haven't attached the arm yet as I've already glued the shoulder armour in place. One of our readers mentioned in my recent post that it's hard to attach the arms with glued shoulder guards, and I'm afraid he's right. I'll try again once both arms are painted and varnished. Hopefully I won't have to rip off the guards...

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