Hi all, here is my Mars Pattern Reaver Battle Titan I painted about 3 years ago now. Its in the scheme of the Legio Astorum - The Warp Runners, who hail from the Forgeworld of Lucius.

This has seen battle about half a dozen times in that time, and has won best vehicle at a WHW campaign weekend, being compared (generously) by WHW staff as one of the best they have seen at their venue.

Raven Guard Assault Marines are da bomb, and here's a squad (or 'an Unkindness' as Rev once very fittingly called a number of Raven Guard Marines) of the guys I painted. Straightforward stuff, I say, but they look cool in the end. Hope you like them as well!

Next up is a shorter, sort of in-between project: Reworking some more of my older Ultramarines models. This time I chose a Command Squad. It includes some of my oldest paint jobs in the army, so this will be quite some work. I'm going to improve the highlights, add correct squad insignia and brown static grass to the base. I'll also remove the freehand from the banner and add one of the fancy banner designs from the new Ultramarines transfer sheet. Can you tell which of these models I've already worked on?

Welcome back to the Warlord blog. I have made my second video! The first has reached nearly 1500 views so far, not too bad at all for my first one I think. So onto the second one...

Here I discuss the tools of the trade, the build of the legs and some of the torso as well as a quick look at the weapon assembly and head components. Enjoy! (Apologies for my cold, I do sniff a lot through this video)

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