I've always liked the concept of the Lictor. It's the Tyranid equivalent of Predator. A near invisible creature that stalks it's prey, picking them off one at a time. Over the years I've collected these five models. Finally, after some touch ups their paint jobs all match. Individual shots (including the rare limited edition Lictor) after the jump.

Hey guys, another grav tank for my growing Iybraesil motor pool. This one is shaping up to become a Fire Prism. A couple of years ago I already painted a Fire Prism in Saim-Hann colours, with a shortened, "2nd edition style" prism cannon. This time I'm gonna go for the long barrel though. I also used the leftover side skirts from the Wave Serpent Type II kit. FW resin is always an ordeal while painting. I just wonder, why can't paint stick to FW resin properly when it sticks so well to the resin used by other manufacturers...

Anyways, I'm really excited for the new Eldar Jetbikes. At last, they are coming. Have you seen the leaked pictures already?

Quick post today. Remember this post? Well, one of the pictures in there showed some chopped up warriors that I'd given new life from the spares foot my Deathstorm Warriors. These three models are the last of those chopped up warriors. I feel like I can tick a box now all the Warriors are complete. Stay tuned for the last few Tyranid posts, the project is nearing the end. 

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