Thursday, 24 April 2014

WIP: Ultramarine Tactical Squad Retouching #2

This is the second half of my tactical squad after I the retouching. Just as with the first five models, I improved the highlights, removed or refined any subpar freehands, added the correct squad markings with transfers and added some brown static grass. How do you like them? Soon I'm gonna prepare a showcase post with before and after pictures.

So, what to do next? Well, I'm thinking about some Incubi for my Dark Eldar...

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Showcase: Astra Militarum Imperial Valkyrie

Hey all, Hope you had a great Easter and lots of fun:). Today I bring the Valkyrie that I painted a few weeks ago. This model had sat in a huge pile of unpainted models for almost 2 years and finally I decided to paint it with the new codex arrival. Must say along with Vendetta it was a ton of fun to paint as I learned a few new tricks from WW2 model painting rather than the regular 40K stuff that I would look at. WW2 painting techniques have become my new thing and hope to incorporate a lot of them in my coming work. On top of that I had my sister in law over for the weekend who painted her first ever model for fun,a Leman Russ Demolisher. And it actually came out looking pretty darn cool. What do you guys think? What did you get up to over Easter?

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Showcase: 40 Gretchin (grots)

With the excitement of being in this week's White Dwarf magazine dying down, it's back to work on project 2nd edition. While the Space Marines in the picture above come to a scratchy, bitey death at the hands of these untrustworthy grots, I also come to the end of painting all 40 Gretchin from the 2nd edition Warhammer 40,000 box set. This is a big milestone and I'm pleased to have ticked this part of the project off of the list. More pictures after the jump. 

Monday, 21 April 2014

WIP: Dwarfs, Hammerers and Runesmith #1

With Sparkle Party Death Match 3 behind me now I can get back to painting models with my hobby time. I am so excited to slop some paint around! I decided to skip the Lizardmen for a bit and work on some of the new beautiful Dwarf models. The photo above represents the Leadbelcher base coat and a wash of Drakenhof Nightshade.

So far I love the Hammerers but find myself wishing for a bit more variety in the poses. There are really only two bodies, one with mail hauberk showing around the base and one without. Still they are packed with tons of sharp details and have perfectly Dwarfy expressions.

Showcase: Chaos Daemons Slaanesh Daemon Prince

Okay shes not really a Slaanesh Daemon Prince, but I think she makes a good one.Or even a pretty decent Dark Elves Bloodwrack. The model is from a company called Mierce Minatures. I'm not 100% certain if they produce the models for a game they sell or the models are basically sold as proxys for Warhammer. But either way they do make some nice models. The model above is called Sthena and she's very Kali'esque. It was a strange model to paint as I dont often paint female models. What do you guys think?

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Showcase: Eldar Wraithguard of Iybraesil

Happy easter guys! Today I present you you the finished squad of Eldar Wraithguard for my craftworld Iybraesil warhost. Check out more angles and detail pictures after the jump.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Review: White Dwarf Issue 12

Warning: This "review" contains extreme levels of bias. Issue 12 hits the shelves of your local Games Workshop today and features models from my Hobbit collection. I use the term review lightly because this is more a collection of my thoughts on White Dwarf Weekly. Read on to see what I thought of this week's issue.