Hey there, just a quick update of an older model of mine while I'm working on the Rhino. Originally, the model was armed with a power axe because I thought it was cool and something you don't see often on a Company Champion. But in 8th Edition, this combination is no longer legal, so I swapped the axe for a sword. Check out another picture after the jump.

The good old Rhino. Who hasn't painted one or two (or a dozen) of this model. The kit has a lot of visible joints that the designers would hide more cleverly nowadays, but together with the Land Raider, it's still my favourite Space Marine vehicle design. It's blocky, angular, futuristic but with an archaic bluntness. I had an unpainted kit lying about, which I wanted to paint both as a practice for the Land Raider Crusader I want to paint later this year and to replicate the sponge weathering I added to my Bike Squad on a larger vehicle.

So far I painted the main hull, next are all the removable bits and tracks. I'll also rework a Heavy Bolter turret from my collection so I can use the Rhino as a Razorback as well.

What do you think? How many Rhinos and Rhino variants did you paint in your hobby career?

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