Necromunda is finally back! It's one of my favourite Games Workshop games (I'm not much of a gamer, but this is probably the one I played most during my teenage years), and with it come a host of new miniatures, including new multipart Eschers. These ones here are the classic 90s Jes Goodwin sculpts, there are twenty different ones, and I painted them all. Check out the whole gang after the jump.

Hey guys, Big Sam from United Painting here again. This is a completed test model for a 30k World Eaters army I started. I didn't end up really painting many models for the force but I managed to get a few done up. This was the sergeant to one of my tactical squads.

I used black instead of white because I wanted them to seem more grim and menacing. Even with the blood streaks and gore, the white armour just seemed to friendly for my tastes. I wanted them to be sort of like a black ops force so they were mainly raiding during the night. I kitbashed him with a World Eaters rampagers sergeant as all my tactical squads used Cadere weapons.

In September 2017, Games Workshop released a series of 12 + 1 Space Marine Heroes, randomly packaged in sealed blind boxes, exclusive to the Japanese hobby market. All models feature unique dynamic poses, sculpted bases, and a bare-headed and helmeted head option. The series is already sold out in Japanese online stores, and is only available on ebay through third-party sellers for the rest of the world. Check out if the models are worth the hassle.

Another rework, another squad of Ultramarines. Here we have a Command Squad, now known as Company Veterans. Since the 8th Edition Index and Space Marine codex, Apothecaries and Standard Bearers are characters on their own, and as everyone knows, Space Marine squads come always in fives or tens. So I kitbashed two more models, and also changed some of the existing ones. My aim was to make squad that looks more ornate than regular Tactical Marines, but not as blinged out as my Sternguard Veterans. This should be a fun little project before I start my Sepulchral Guard for Shadespire :)

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