Monday, 3 October 2011

The Tale of Painters Blog Network

Becoming a part of the Tale of Painter Blog Network is a great way to gain more exposure for your Tabletop related blog. The most recent posts from the Network are displayed on Tale of Painters for all our readers to see and visit. On top of that, we keep a close eye on all blogs from the Network, and when we see great posts we will present them in our "Tales from the Network" feature!

Joining the network is easy, just follow the steps below:

1. Your blog must be dedicated primarily to tabletop games. As Tale of Painters is a website for painters and collectors of Citadel miniatures, there must be painted Games Workshop models in your blog (at least occasionally). Please note we can only accept blogs written in English.

2. Download the banner below (right click, then choose"save target as") and add it at a clearly visible place on your blog, e.g. at your sidebar. A click on the banner must lead to Tale of Painters - .

234x90 px

For Blogger blogs, go to „Page Elements“ and add an „Image“ gadget where you would like the banner to be. Upload the image file from your PC and link to .

In other blog systems you probably have to implement the banner manually. Either way, please do not „hotlink“ the banners but upload them to your own webspace.

3. If you have a Blogroll, Blog List or something similar on your blog, add Tale of Painters there as well. If you got a Blogger blog or Google Friend Connect, become a follower of Tale of Painters.

4. Once your preparations are finished, post the URL of your blog in the comments section of this page. We will check if your blog is suitable and add it to the Network. Note that this might take some time. We will delete processed applications so if your comment is no longer there everything went fine. If we have to reject your blog for one reason or another, we try to contact you to work out a solution.


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    I was AWOL for a few months, not sure if that's why my blog was removed from the blog network? Should have more regular blog posts going forward again...


  5. Hello community of painters and hobbyist :)

    I would be very proud to join this community blog in this new hobby season, thank you : my blog :

    See you later ;)


    Hello community. I am proud to present you my small painting/modeling blog I run in english and polish. I hope U will like it!

  7. Could you please add my blog to your network?


  8. Would love to join the network

  9. Hey!

    I`d like to present you my hobby blog - Battle Painting Studio and join the Tale of Painters network. Posts in polish and englihs language both (usually).

  10. Hey guys,

    Here is my 40k blog,