Thursday, 2 February 2012

Review: RDG Tools Airbrush Cleaning Wires

If you have an Airbrush, you'd have suffered the fate of clogged nozzles. If you don't have an Airbrush this information will help you avoid clogging.

I bought these cleaning wires to aid cleaning. They're available from RDG Tools and are reasonably priced at £5.50

I start by removing the back cover and releasing the pin. Then I unscrew the 3 front parts.

The nozzle is tiny (o.2mm) , and whilst the smallest diameter cleaning wire fit the nozzle it was too big to push all the way through and effectively "floss" the nozzle.

I then used the same wire to clean the next piece. As you can see from the above picture the wires are quite flexible. This was a perfect fit.

I then used the largest wire to clean the barrel of the airbrush. The was also a perfect fit. Because the wire is twisted, so it has raised edges, it really does help to remove blockages or old dry paint.

A really simple, neat, inexpensive solution to unclogging and cleaning Airbrushes. I really like the fact they've been made with a loop at the end and attached to a key ring loop. This keeps them all together and less likely to get lost.

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  1. Interesting product and while I know the pain of a clogged airbrush, I'm pretty adept at keeping mine (A Badger 150) clean. Whenever I've finished with a paint, I use a paint hopper filled with water and run that through the brush instead of paint a few times. That usually gets rid of most detritus in the nozzels and on the pin. A quick spray with airbrush cleaner on the pin and then another blast of air usually does the trick.

    All of that said, I still worry that I'm getting my nozzles clean enough. So I might get these just for peace of mind.

  2. i cant work out how you are using these! but i still feel i need to get some haha.

  3. @ Marsekay... think dental flossing and you now understand how I use them (-: