Thursday, 23 February 2012

Showcase: Scout Sergeant Telion as a Blood Angel

Hey guys, just a quick in-between one. This is a Sgt.Telion conversion I did some time ago when I got the mini for a good price and wanted to paint it up.

Due to the fact that at that point I just had painted a few blue-armoured models I decided to turn him into a Blood Angel. Removing the Ultramarines symbols wasn't too hard at all and I had some fun painting the camo cloak. Hope you like him. :)


  1. A great job Sigur, really like what you have done with him.

    I've got Telion waiting to be painted up as a Sgt for my Blood Drinker Sniper Scout team and you have definitely shown me the way to go with him.

  2. Really nice miniature. I think I will follow your example. I have a couple of minis from the Ultramarines I would like to see in my army, but I will never play Ultramar space marines. Hence I will probably convert Calgar and the other guys to fit my Blood Templars. Btw, can you tell us how you painted the red. Really nice one.


    (I think I'll have to create a user for posting here)

  3. Lovely work. Suits the scheme very well actually. Nice freehand emblem and great camo work.

  4. I like the camp cloak too. Great job Sigur.

  5. Thanks, guys. :) I will be doing another Telion for an upcoming Crimson Fists army commission very soon so let's see how I fare with another go at this mini in a non-Ultramarines variety. ;)

  6. Painting is good, I like the cloak.