Friday, 23 March 2012

Official Paint Conversion Chart for the new Citadel Colours

This is the official conversion chart for the new Citadel paint range. Remember these are only close comparisons as the paint formula is new! For example, Caliban Green is suggested for both Orkhide Shade and Dark Angels Green, which are two very different greens. The Fang is suggested for both Shadow Grey and Fenris Grey, so that talks how different the new range is from the old...


  1. Is it strange that I am sad that Chaos Black, Blood Red, and Goblin Green are now more? I always thought those colour names were iconic in a way. Very sad to see them go.

  2. See this is just stupid. Why couldn't they keep the names they've had for like 15years that everyone knows, and just add "new" colors to the line with new names.

    Like what's the point of renaming their old colors and confusing everyone?

    1. Because China started to rip the names off and use them on their own brands. So they had to re-release them under trademarks ( notice the old ones werent ) But yeah, after 10 years of using the old colors, switching was tricky.

  3. Damnit when is this new line/formulation coming out?

  4. I have tried some of the new colours today, and my feeling is that Caliban green is closer to Dark Angels green but have the better coverage of the Foundation range. And from the look of it the comparison chart should have been better colour corrected in the printing because many of the printed colours are way of compared to the real colours. So there is still hope.

    Shades are also not the same as Washes was; they are for lack of better words runnier and should not be used too liberally on your models as they will obscure details more than the wash did.

    And the glaze are great for fixing the colour grading when blending and also change the hue of a colour if you want it warmer or colder. Could have wished for more than four, but as a glaze I guess they will be sufficient for most need.

    Texture paints was the bit I most regarded as nonsense, but actually when I thought about it they make a whole lot of sense. Cannot recall how many times I slapped on a basecoat and started painting before putting any sand or texture on the base, this will help a lot.

    All in all it is a waste improvement in both colour range and how they work, but will take some time to get to grips with.

    The release is set for April the seventh.

  5. This is so totally stupid, which is not what I really want to say. What IDIOT at Citadel got a pay raise for this idea? I agree with some of the other comments leave things alone and just add new colors. I and my wife use a lot of different paints and have for MANY YEARS we have been doing models and crafts for over 50 years HEY CITADEL get your act together.