Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Review: Unboxing The Hobbit boxed game

New box smell time... *breathes in deep*. After pouring over White Dwarf for a week looking at the new models for the Hobbit, I finally crumbled and rushed out to feed my plastic crack habit. Read on to  see what's in the box.

When you open the box, you're greeted with the usual plastic frames, books, bases and dice. It feels kinda empty though. Some of the sprues are half size, so it kinda leaves gaps in the box. On top of this the box isn't as deep as Warhammer 40,000 Dark Vengeance. 

However, once you've whipped it all out of the box it makes a lot of sense and it's impressive to see how much stuff they actually have crammed on to the sprues. The quality of the models is stunning. When I read in White Dwarf that they've had to buy a smaller machining tool for the finer details, I thought it sounded like marketing speak and I was skeptical but boy was I wrong. When you consider Bilbo's head is just a couple of mm wide it's incredible when you see the likeness of Martin Freeman in a such a tiny model. These are great models despite being 1 or 2 piece push fits. I think the sculptors have excelled themselves. 

The sprue breakdown is as follows:
1x Good Sprue (Dwarves, Gandalf, Bilbo)
1x Goblin King Sprue (King, Throne, Scribe, Captain, Grinnah)
2x Goblin Sprues. Both these sprues are identical.
2x Goblin Town Sprues. Both these sprues are identical.

Good (small) sprue front.

Good sprue back.

Goblin King (large) sprue front.
Goblin King sprue back.

Both Goblin (small) sprues showing both sides. 

Both Goblin Town (large) sprues showing both sides. 

I bought the limited edition game which includes Radagast the Brown. He gets his own A4 colour rules sheet. This is the same format as the Interrogator Chaplain from Dark Vengeance, small individual sprue and separate rules. It will be interesting to see if this special edition sells out or not. 

The literature included in the game is the usual mini rule book, A4 starter booklet, play sheet and assembly guides. The mini rulebook is 112 pages and full colour. It contains all the rules and missions you need to play the strategy battle game. It does not include points values for the models included in the game. 

The Journey Begins Here booklet is full colour and as you read through it it explains and walks you through the game mechanics. It also includes Goblin Town specific missions which are fought on a 2ft x 2ft area and you use the Goblin Town terrain in different set ups (like space hulk). 

The guide includes some great photos from the film. It also includes all the stats for all the models in the game. It does not include points values though. It does mention if you add the Bill, Bert and Tom the Trolls to the Goblin force in the box it's roughly 750pts which is the usual size force for a game. 

Just like Dark Vengeance, The Hobbit includes no material for painters. It doesn't even list the paints you need. White Dwarf didn't include painting tutorials, just a very basic list of paints, which if I'm honest proved extremely useful when I bought the game because I could work out what paints I own and what I needed. Suffice to say, I bought lots of different shades of brown mainly. If you want Hobbit painting guides you can buy them for the iPad from GW. Failing that keep checking Tale of Painters (bookmark us, follow us on Facebook, join our blog roll etc) because I will be posting detailed tutorials starting with Bilbo Baggins really soon. 

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  1. Ok, you did it, I will succumb to my plastic addiction an get myself the box, too - and paint them up with your tutorials ;-)

  2. Not sure if I'm gonna grab this as I'm not a fan of the LOTr games, but have been converting the lovely 'Goblin town' scenery myself.

    Think it will make a great addition to my scenery, something different for WHFB, but also more than suitable for Mordheim or even Necromunda. I'm also considering a nice display piece for my Pirate themed Ogres army!

    Oh the possibilities are endless.

    From what I can see though it appears some of the town is included in the Goblin King frame?

  3. Great post, sir! Thank you for this unboxing.

  4. I too wish they would include the paint lists in these things. After buying a new laptop I'm surely not financially equipped to purchase an iPad to read these guides. It's really too bad after all of the great painting pages they had included after the release of the new paints and guide. At least WD isn't %100 a catalog, anymore.

  5. They don't include all the points values in the mini rulebook - that means you need to buy the big book to play with anything more than what's included in the box. It costs 5 quid more than the 40k and Fantasy books but is only just about half of the size. Boo! I think they've really lost it when it comes to prices with this release. I fear that people will buy it anyways and that by the next one or two price rises their other ranges will be brought up to these price level as well.

  6. If I'm not mistaken the stat lines for the Trolls aren't in this package right? I actually own it (love it!) but didn't see them in there. Which is kinda a shame because I'd want to add the trolls to this but dont want to buy the big book (yet...?).

  7. Troll stat lines aren't included in the mini rulebook. It was referring to a picture of the goblin force accompanied by the trolls and a side note about expanding your collection.

  8. That's a bummer - seems like it would have been a good idea to make their stats more easily available (to sell more troll boxes!).

  9. I suspect once they start releasing source books for the Hobbits all the points values will be in there. It would be annoying if the only way you could find out the points of Thorin's Company is if you had to spend £50 on a rulebook.

  10. From the pics on GW's site, it seemed to me that the sculpts were far below the quality of the Island of Blood starter. Or is it just how they are painted?

  11. I don't think the are, it's just that the creatures are basically lumpy, ugly little guys just like in the movie. The sculpts in Island of blood were more controlled by GW concepts etc I guess?

    I think the sculpts in EFGT are actually quite decent. The thing is on the GW site they are so close up it's hard for them to look good (they are quite small models). IMO in person they look pretty sweet.

  12. I agree with Minijunkie. The sculpts are really good considering their size. They're really challenging to paint because they're so small. All the pics in White Dwarf and on White Dwarf online are massive. If Bilbo is 20mm tall in real life, then his online 360º pictures is 200mm tall on my iMac. You have to admire the Eavy Metal painters for being able to paint models for such close scrutiny, especially considering they're painted patterns onto the fabrics of the Dwarves. I do think they're been retouched in photoshop though but still.