Thursday, 20 December 2012

Showcase: Blood Angels Predator #1

First Predator Destructor finished! As you can see, all the formerly blue drops and such have been changed to green to fit with therest of the army better. That less wide range of colour is made up for with with yellow and black hazard stripes.

The dozer blade reads "Repeda", meaning something like "step back,  please". Having a Red Rage day is no reason to be inpolite. :-)

Hope that you like it!


  1. That's stellar. Are these gaming pieces or display?

  2. Please please, could you give a rough overview of how you achieved such a fantastic looking model? Interested in colors used and airbrushed versus paintbrushed.

  3. @Zab: Thanks very much. Well, whatever the customer wants to use it for really. ;) Knowing him though it will end up on the gaming table shortly (along with the other tanks).

    @Jason Finnegan: I'm planning to do a new tutorial some time soon so this time a vehicle might indeed be in order.