Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Showcase: Escape from Goblin Town Scenery from The Hobbit

The Hobbit; Escape from Goblin Town box set includes some scenery to help you recreate and play out missions in the starter booklet. I've just finished painting my Goblin Town scenery. Click more after the jump to see some different set ups with some of the models I've recently completed.

In the box set you get 4 ramps, 2 platforms, a goblin king throne, a baggage marker and a weapons marker. Games Workshop sell an add-on kit which costs £30 and that is the same as above minus the throne and markers. You do receive a single elevated walkway with ladder in the add-on kit though.

The amount of terrain in the starter box is enough to configure several different set ups. In these pictures I've come up with a few of my own, the starter booklet has 5 scenarios with 5 different terrain set ups.

The set ups above would be great to see the Goblins on the left and the Dwarves on the right. Lots of leaping to the opposite bridge and being pushed of the edge.

This is the close up of the Goblin King throne. It's an old Dwarf four poster bed, strapped to rock face. I love the attention to detail of creating a hole in the seat and having a dung bucket underneath. 

Finally, we have three shots above with some models on. I think the models look great on the terrain.

Who else is impressed with this terrain? Maybe you've bought a load for Mordhiem or Necromunda, or want to make a Warhammer fantasy Forest Gobin treetop village terrain table. Perhaps you think this terrain is a waste of money and you're better off making your own from balsa wood strips. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. 


  1. What I like of this scenery is that you can use it for a lot of things, as you pointed. It is expensive, of course... but almost every hobby is expensive.
    In my opinion, when I buy a piece of terrain, what I definitely want is something versatile. And I can use this while playing Warhammer Fantasy, Lord of the Rings, Mordheim, Arena Deathmatch...
    If you don't want to spend some afternoons building some of your own with balsa wood (or you just don't like that aspect of the hobby) this could be handy =)

    1. absolutely.making your own terrain is fun but the "real stuff"is great for inspiration and takes much less of your time

    2. Dont suppose there will be a guide as to how the terrain was painted?

    3. It's just drybrushing Rhinox Hide and Baneblade brown on a black undercoat. It's not really worth doing a tutorial. Sorry.

    4. thats fine was just looking for the paint colours used. Dont suppose you can advise on the colours you used to paint the goblin kings thrown?

    5. Sure, no problem. Here's a breakdown.

      Rock: Rhinox Hide -> Eshin Grey -> Dawnstone
      Throne: Incubi Darkness -> Karak Stone -> light drybrushing of Skreaming Skull
      Wood: Rhinox Hide -> Baneblade Brown -> Karak Stone
      Brown leather strapping -> Mournfang Brown -> Nuln Oil Wash -> XV-88 highlights
      Skulls: Tau Light Ochre -> Ungor Flesh -> Skreaming Skull
      Red Cloth: Khorne Red -> Nuln Oil wash -> Mephiston Red highlights.

      Hope this helps.

    6. Gracias por tu ayuda, desde España.


  2. Planning on picking up the stand-alone Goblin Town kit. Think it would be great for Necromunda, especially as underhive terrain, or maybe as a Scavvies or Ash Waste setup.

  3. I like the new terrain, and may pick up the add on Goblin Town set. I've seen a similar product online that is about 1/4 the price, but it is currently out of stock (hmmm, I wonder WHY :-) ).

    The details are very nice on the GW product, which is it's main selling-point, IMO.

    Thanks for the great posting!!

  4. Nice review with great pics of the set, could you stop that please? It's really not helping me give up my terrain addiction ;) I have enough for three 4x6 tables and I swear I hardly ever play, but I just can't stop painting nice terrain pieces like these!!!

  5. Did anyone see this terrain set on the GW blog today? Remember you saw it her first! ;-)