Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Showcase: Inquisitorial retinue

This retinue was a great excuse to band together and paint a whole load of cool minis I had kicking around. I used the basic red gold combo with some of the new GW turquoise paints as spot colours. The cherubims and vindicare are deliberately at the far end of the white/black spectrum to add contrast and stop the unit looking dull, but maintaining elements of the core colour scheme. Inspired loosely by Abnetts inquisitor themed writings, I enjoyed painting the 'Amos' character in light of the backstory. Obviously the minis aren't direct representations of the book characters, but the idea and inspiration to get them finished wouldn't have happened without the books. More pictures if you'd care to click.


  1. Did you convert the Vindicare's sniper a bit? It looks really good!

  2. Nice work here Rev.. though how'd you get the shading on the Sniper like that? What colors gave you the black shading, cause it is great!