Thursday, 20 December 2012

Showcase: Path of the Seer

I've got a real thing abotu building Eldar Warlocks, not sure why. These guys were originally going to be jetlocks, but in the absence of any bikes I went with skirtwearers instead. Made using essential the same set of componants for each model, stuff from the Dire Avenger sprue almost exclusively. The guy far left (Leonardo if you're of that vintage )is my blademaster with a simple handswap. His left sword arm is actually the 'scanner' arm from the heavy weapons kit. The banner guy has a green stuff 'resurrection orb' shoved into an upside down shuriken catapult hand. The guy far right has a nightspinner/fireprism vane on his sword which turned out pretty cool. I added a touch of gloss varnish to the black wash to add a bit of depth in the final stage. lots of close ups if you'd like to click below.


  1. Really nice work there. Very creative way to make the same components look unique and original 4 ways from Sunday.

  2. Great work as always! I especially like the one on the far right, I love the way you have made the sword look so unique yet still so Eldarish (Not sure thats even a word?!).

  3. Absolutely awesome man, I've been looking for a way to make the seer council in my (slowly) progressing ulthwe army look more dynamic (the current warlock models are a little lacking in my opinion) and I stupidly never thought of using other kits!

  4. Love the blue highlights. What colors are they?

  5. Replies
    1. my thoughts exactly. I assume they are elven?