Over the next several weeks I will be sharing with you all of my Night Goblin army unit by unit or in this case character by character. To keep it from getting too boring I will be mixing up the order since I did most of the big rank and file units like this unit early on. So above you see the Forge World Night Goblin Shaman which is played in all my games now as my main level 4 caster. 

It doesn't matter what angle you view this guy from there is so much going on it is a treat all the way around. My personal favorite part is the mushrooms tumbling out of his left hand. The way Keith sculpted the ones falling suspended in mid air by attaching them to the smoke really gives it movement. 

Overall I was happy with how it came out but I do wish I had another to try some different stuff. If I did I would try to make the smoke look even darker at the base, almost black. Then I would like to try some OSL (which I never really have before on any model) sourced from the the yellow tips of the smoke. 

Hope you enjoy,