Ben from RD Minis back with the fourth in the series detailing my Red Scorpions. This time it's the troops.

I've used elements from across the main GW range and Forgeworlds to try to give each marine or vehicle it's own character, I also bought as much of the force as possible at once so that I could spread the various parts throughout to create that variety.

All the models that need them in the force have sculpted shoulder pads from Forgeworld and the vehicles have plenty of brass detailing to go with the plastic and resin accessories.

I add many purity seals and other detailing elements after I've settled on the models pose to give a sense of movement by having them trail in the right direction.

The above Tactical squads are all part of a complete fourth company, the ones below are from the sixth and include Veteran Sergeant Haas's squad mounted in a Drop pod.

The sniper rifle scouts have camo cloaks treated in a similar way to the bases, I also added a dreadnought/60mm base to the Land speeder instead of the usual transparent one to tie it into the rest of the force.

Next up will be the Fast attack section.