A couple of days ago, Garfy came up with a WIP shot of his Space Marines Chaplain with jump pack. I've also painted the same model for my Ultramarines years ago, and Garfy's post inspired me to bring it out and rework it. Check out more pictures and what improvements I've made over the original paint job after the jump.

The most obvious changes are the added script to the tabbard and the static grass on the base. But I've improved the paint job so much more. I've refined the highlights almost everywhere, especially on the black armour and the blue grip of the crocius. I've also changed the colour of the rubble on the base.

I'm slowly working through all my older Ultramarines paint job to bring them up to scratch. Updating this Chaplain was a perfect in-between project while the coat of varnish on my Dire Avengers was drying. When I go back to my older metal models, I often notice how the casts back then were far from perfect. It seems since Finecast I became far more critical when it comes to good castings.

This is what the model used to look like (please note that the colours appear slightly different because I used a different lighting setup back then):

How do you like the improvements I made?