By now, there are quite a few painting handles out there, and here comes another Kickstarter success from Redgrass Games, the RGG360° Ergonomic Miniature Holder. A pistol grip style painting handle with a cap that rotates. A while ago Redgrass Games released V2 of the RGG360°, with new features like swappable caps and a magnetic dock. Let's take a closer look at the upgraded version.

Here come the Heavies of Heroquest, the Dealers of Damage, the Clenchers of Fists - it's the Chaos Warriors and Fimir. The former of course are classics and very familiar to anybody who ever dipped a toe into the sweet lake of Games Workshop. Fimir are just an incredibly interesting little bit of Warhammer history. Thanks to the Oldhammer people we have several interesting blog posts to read about what they were and what happened to them. 

Either way, hope you like them! Stay tuned for more Heroquest figures.

Back to Heroquest! Starting with some of the most iconic Orcs and Goblins figures anyone could think of. Painting Heroquest is always good fun. These figures are clear, cast cleanly, and very much reduced to the important bits. Just brilliant stuff. :-D Hope you like them!

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