Painting this Lieutenant was a fantastic break to painting my Slaves to Darkness. It was as good change of pace and half way through painting him I had the idea to take the about picture. I modelled and 3D printed some bookcases (he is a Tomekeeper after all) I used a flash behind the scene to shine through, that light is captured in camera. I took three pictures on a tripod and merged them together in photoshop to make the photo. Couple more pics after the jump. 

Working on a couple of Grimghast Reapers to compliment my Banshees and Thorns of the Briar Queen to form a Warcry warband. These are the multipart models from the Warcry Nighthaunt warband set, it's the only box that comes with the cards for Myrmourn Banshees plus some handy purple tokens, so I had to get it. The first batch above is finished and just needs some varnish. I recorded each step of painting the model on the right for a future tutorial, so stay tuned & healthy.

Check out this cheeky little side project. This mini was recently available to order on the Games Workshop online store so I thought I’d pick it up. When he arrived I didn’t really want to paint him as a Dark Angel because I have enough Lieutenants already (don’t we all?) So I asked twitter and White Dwarf’s very own Matt Hutson suggested Tomekeepers. If you haven’t heard of the Tomekeepers you need to check out White Dwarf (starting with issue 453). It’ll explain about how the White Dwarf team are making their own Space Marine chapter that will be 100% official and written into the background. So that’s how I chose the Tomekeepers. They’re new and exciting. At this point in time I’m only painting the one model. No plan to start an army, but who knows? Maybe a little KillTeam could happen?

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