You say new Primaris Techmarine, I say... why not paint this classic metal Techmarine instead. This classic Jes Goodwin sculpt was released in a Company Command Squad box set just one month before Warhammer 40.000 3rd Edition arrived. I always liked this model and, as I don't have a Techmarine in my classic Ultramarines collection yet (only the "crew" Techmarine that operated the Thunderfire Cannon), I picked it up to paint when it showed up on ebay. The sculpt is a bit rough, especially the servo-arm backpack that comes straight from the 2nd Edition era Techmarine models, but so far I'm enjoying the painting a lot.

What do you think? And did you manage to grab a copy of Indomitus before it was sold out?

Hi all, I hope everyone has been well. I haven't posted much but managed to still get some hobby done thus I present my Guardians of the Covenant Hellblaster Squad. These models are from the Dark Imperium set. I've always intended to paint more marines in this scheme as it's fast to paint, with the exception of the guns.

Here is the first batch of Goliath models completed. These were great fun to paint, and, thanks to Garfy's feedback, I'm very happy with the paint scheme in the end. I went for dark, brooding colours, with warm reds, browns and orange for a steaming-hot and aggressive look - straight from the hot and sweaty forges of Necromunda. Hope you like them - leave your comments and feedback below!

Update on my Goliath gang. I've started working on the first batch of three models, and, thanks to some invaluable input from Garfy, settled for a paint scheme I'm happy with. We've got a lot of oily steel, an inverted paint scheme with red pants and black metallic armour, unlike the vice-versa of the "official" paint scheme. We've got a hint of orange on the mohawks, green stimm vials, a variety of skin colours, and I'll also add a couple more red details on the weapons. What do you think so far?

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