This sculpt is pretty nice. Despite its lack of motion I really like it. I can't quite put my finger on what I like but it's cool. I really can't wait to photograph it facing off against my Dark Angels Apothecary. It's almost like those two were made to face off against each other. 

There has been a lot of coverage about Citadel Contrast before, but this review is your one-stop resource for everything there is to know about Contrast, including a handy "cheat sheet" of mixes of Contrast paints mixed with various mediums and comparisons with other washes and inks on the market. Find out what Contrast can do (and what it cannot do) after the jump.

I enjoyed working on the Salamander Space Marine so much that I decided to paint another model from the Space Marine Heroes series: Brother Aethor. He'll become a Space Wolf, as I'm painting them for Space Marine Adventures, where every Marine hails from a different chapter. I wonder why they chose Aethor to be a Space Wolf and not a say White Scar, as Aethor is a pretty vanilla model with plain Mk7 armour, and none of the details of the Space Wolves range... still, coming up with my take on the classic Space Wolves paint scheme was a lot of fun and who knows, maybe there'll be a tutorial...

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