Hi, all! I'm hopping on the Indomitus bandwagon and painted the Necron Overlord. He will be the only Necron because it's the only model I got ;). I do have some other characters from the Indomitus box set, like the Space Marine Captain and Chaplain. Which one should I paint next and for which chapter? Help me out and leave a comment below...

Welcome back to our celebration of Chaplains.These Chaplains are separated by 15 years of sculpting technology, game development and business strategy, whilst Stahly and I are separated by 900km and the North Sea. Last week we shared our work in progress pictures and now Stahly and I can share our finished members of the Reclusiarch. More after the jump.

I can't help it, but I still like painting classic Space Marines. I didn't own a solo Techmarine yet, and when I saw it on ebay I just couldn't pass it up. I really enjoy this Jes Goodwin sculpt that came in a Company Command Squad box just a month before 3rd Edition, so it's even older than the Chaplain I'm painting for Garfy's and my old vs new project. Prepare for some #oldhammer... or should we coin the term #classichammer for classic Marines?

To celebrate the launch of the Indomitus box set and 9th Edition of #new40k Warhammer 40.000, Garfy and me thought about a special treat: Garfy will paint the new Primaris Chaplain from the Indomitus box, while I'll paint a classic metal Chaplain from 2005, and in the end, we'll compare our results and experiences. This will be a super fun painting challenge, so make sure to join the fray!

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