Hi, all! Now that the Warcry hype is out there, I wanted to show to you this Necromancer of the Legions of Nagash I finished recently. It's the Necromancer from the Mortis Engine who was left over as I want to use the Engine parts for Kurdoss Valentian. Therefor, the Necromancer could also be the start of a Warcry warband.

What do you think and what would you add for a Legions of Nagash warband? Leave a comment or reaction below...

I recently announced the cancellation of my subscription to Conquest, that has left me with some odd sized units. I'm a devoted son of the Lion and that just won't do for such loyal and noble warriors. One week later and I have four more warriors, completing two of my units to the full complement of ten models each. After the jump a quick note on how I'm going to be organising my hobby from now on.

My models from month one are finished: A slightly reworked Blitzer, two line women and men, a ball and a turn marker. I‘m pretty happy with the paint scheme I‘ve settled with and as you read this, I‘m working on finishing this team for next month (I‘m a special snowflake and will only paint a six model team for Blitz Bowl). Hope you all get along nicely with your #taleoftuesdays team, and, if you haven‘t joined already, there is still time to paint your team for a chance to win a plastic team box. Find out more after the jump.

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