Finally, I completed my unit of Aeldari Windriders. Painting them wasn't too difficult, nevertheless, they took a while to finish, as you essentially have to paint two models in one (the jetbikes and the riders). I also had to face a lot of crunch time in my job the last couple of weeks, so my hobby time diminished. But the result was worth it, I feel they compliment my Iybraesil collection very well.

It’s Age of Sigmar time! Here’s a nine-strong cluster of Grot Scuttlings from the modern (gasp!) Warhammer Quest Silver Tower game. There’s only eight in the box, but I painted a bonus one as PRAISE BE TO TZEENTCH. Spider-Grots, Spider-Grots, manufactured in Notts. Mashing together Night Goblins with sp-sp-spiders puzzles me – Forest Goblins were the spider-flavoured Goblins from Warhammer, so it’s confusing the themes. Like mashing up High Elves with leaves. Or Khorne Berserkers with sonic weaponry.

As I patiently wait for my issues of Warhammer 40,000 Conquest to be delivered I thought I'd dig out a couple of Pox Walkers from the Dark Imperium starter set and work on some test schemes. Here's a WIP shot of where I'm up to so far. The good news is I've been photographing each step so I'll be able to share a tutorial with you guys real soon. Get a Grips available here.

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