Introducing the first of my BloodBowl team for Tale of Tuesdays! Champions of Death - Spaceshrimp flavour.

So despite being a really easy going and playful person in general, I actually take this hobby quite "seriously". What I mean by that is, I am not a fan of out of place conversions or paint schemes. If painting your Primaris like Buzz Lightyear is your thing, then power to you! Just totally not my approach at all. However, I think Bloodbowl lends it's self really well to having a bit of fun with the team names and themes and being a little bit silly.

Today we take a look at The Army Painter's Hobby Tool Kit, a great value box to start or expand your tool collection. Included are a diamond pattern file, a hobby knife, a drill with 3 drill bits of various diameters, a side cutter, a sculpting tool, two pieces of green stuff and a bottle of super glue. All for a competitive price point of 24,99 Euro. Let's see if it's a good deal or not.

Full disclosure, Games Workshop sent me the full range of Contrast paints free of charge. This isn't a paid for promotion and these are my own opinions. 

Firstly I'm a Citadel Colour user. I've done the switch to other manufacturers and switched back when Games Workshop released their Base, Layer, Shade, Edge System. When Games Workshop announced Contrast it really grabbed my attention. Long story short, a couple of emails later, Games Workshop selling out most of their range in three days and a couple of weeks wait and I'm now in a position to play with the new paints. Find out what I think after the jump. 

Now it's my turn at Tale of Tuesdays. As you can see, as a lover for anything with pointy ears, my team of choice are Dark Elves, and I painted a test model already. I might change a couple of minor things, but in general, I'm happy with the paint scheme I came up with. My main sources for inspiration were the 'Eavy Metal Kabal of the Black Heart Drukhari army for the armour, cr0wmaster's Dark Elves from whom I nicked the turquoise undersuits, and the Idoneth Deepkin range in general. I wanted to go for a kind of nautic feel.

Now, I must admit that I'm a bit of a cheat. As I don't play Blood Bowl but only the board game version Blitz Bowl, I'm not gonna paint a complete team. Blitz Bowl requires only six models, so I'm gonna paint half a team in half the time, then lean back and watch the others finish their teams. Sorry not sorry guys... ;)

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