Did some more work on Zarbag's Gitz. Inspired by the Boggleye in the Gobbapalooza set (seriously, what a great set) I decided to paint Zarbag's hood yellow. I'll also want to add some freehanded "flames" like on the 'Eavy Metal version but in black, kinda inverted. The firefly trapped in his lantern was painted in the same way like my Nighthaunts, hinting at some sort of ethereal spirit. As you might notice, I changed the colour of the wooden bows and staff to a brownish grey, like on my Sepulchral Guard. Felt more consistent. The dark green (seen on the model on the left) also looked a bit weird on the arrows in combination with the yellow fletchings. I'll repaint the models from the first batch to match.

Hope I can present you the finished warband soon!

Hi all and a happy new year to all of you! I hope you had some nice holidays. Here you can see the very last miniature I painted in 2018. It's the Gnasher Screamer from the Gellerpox Infected faction from the Rogue Trader Kill Team box set. I didn't like the 'Eavy Metal version, so I created a paint scheme on my own of what I think matches better with this Nurgle tainted miniature.

Today I'm sharing a quick WIP of an Inceptor I'm painting. I'm actually batch painting this guy along with 2 Hellblasters and 2 Intercessors, I didn't show the others because they're pretty much the same as this guy. It's a weird batch paint but that was the sprue that came with issue 16 of Conquest. I suspect i'll get the same sprue again and then a sprue with sergeants on it at a later date.  Free internet cookie for anyone who can tell what's wrong with this image.

Search eBay for Garfy's Get a Grip if you'd like one of these painting handles. It's the PRO version, I also sell a basic version (no cork or finger rest) and there is a bundle deal with savings if you're a batch painter.

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