And here they are: My Ironsoul's Condemnors, painted in the livery of the Stormblood Guard. That wraps it up for Tale of Tuesdays Warhammer Underworlds edition. Four hobbyists painting 8 9 warbands in four months, and lots of readers joining us along the way. Check out another shot of my Stormcasts (plus all the paint recipes) after the jump.

With the terrain of the classic Necromunda starter box completed, I now moved to the Outlanders expansion box set, which came with 12 more plastic bulkheads and this large green cardboard structure with elevator. For the bulkheads, I chose a dark green paint scheme, matching the green of my ammo crates from the Munitorum Armoured Containers set. I applied a zenithal highlight of old Orkhide Shade foundation paint over black primer, then a drybrush of Waaagh Flesh and Screaming Skull, and some weathering and stippling for the finish.

Now the only thing left to paint is the watchtower from Outlanders and my set of classic Necromunda cardboard buildings is complete! Such a blast from the past, what do you think?

While I was working on my Necromunda terrain collection, I didn't forget about #taleoftuesdays and my Stormcast Eternals warband. I made good progress with the second batch of models. These Sequitors take longer to paint than regular Stormcast because of all the different textures and details, but my Contrast and washes approach helps to keep the painting time reasonable. And yet, I only got one weekend to finish them all, as I have to have them finished by next Tuesday.

What do you think, will I be able to make it? And how do you like my approach to the Stormblood Guard?

When I finished my 2019 painting to do list, it left me starting 2020 a little lost and confused. What do I paint now? I tried making another list but felt I was just going through the motions and didn't actually have a reason to paint. I picked up some Deathguard but failed to finish them, I made a a fantastic start on a Genestealer Patriarch but failed to finish it. With this feeling of not knowing what to do, I took action. Find out what I did after the jump.

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