It's exactly a month ago today I received my review copy of Warcry from Games Workshop and what a month it's been! I've made an unboxing video, I've played four games of which I've won a single match with the Iron Golems. I've created six detailed photo tutorials for you guys to paint your own models and with this post I'm pleased to say I've finished painting the Untamed Beasts to go with my finished Iron Golems. More pictures after the jump. 

Hi all, welcome back to Tale of Tuesdays where I share my Bood bowl progress!

So the latest additions are the mummy and the ball. Both of which took no time to paint, mainly due to contrast speeding up the process loads in certain areas such as the bandages on the mummy, and the tiny lil' skellie in the ball. You got to admit, it is pretty damn cute. I had a bit of a hickup this month with my undercoat making one of my tokens fuzzy. I undercoated these with a can to speed the process up and in my haste simply must not have shaken it enough. I haven't botched a spray in years, so ruining one of my tokens out of the blue really annoyed me!

Hi, all! Now that the Warcry hype is out there, I wanted to show to you this Necromancer of the Legions of Nagash I finished recently. It's the Necromancer from the Mortis Engine who was left over as I want to use the Engine parts for Kurdoss Valentian. Therefor, the Necromancer could also be the start of a Warcry warband.

What do you think and what would you add for a Legions of Nagash warband? Leave a comment or reaction below...

I recently announced the cancellation of my subscription to Conquest, that has left me with some odd sized units. I'm a devoted son of the Lion and that just won't do for such loyal and noble warriors. One week later and I have four more warriors, completing two of my units to the full complement of ten models each. After the jump a quick note on how I'm going to be organising my hobby from now on.

My models from month one are finished: A slightly reworked Blitzer, two line women and men, a ball and a turn marker. I‘m pretty happy with the paint scheme I‘ve settled with and as you read this, I‘m working on finishing this team for next month (I‘m a special snowflake and will only paint a six model team for Blitz Bowl). Hope you all get along nicely with your #taleoftuesdays team, and, if you haven‘t joined already, there is still time to paint your team for a chance to win a plastic team box. Find out more after the jump.

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