Hi, all! It's Catachan time ;) I finished this Catachan Colonel! It was originally planned as a Store Anniversary miniature, I was really hyped to get one... I chose a classic all-green colour scheme with some red spots. I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed painting that guy.

Leave a reaction or comment below – and see you in the jungle...  

Sergeant "Ripper" Jackson was originally meant to be the exclusive Warhammer store opening and anniversary model for 2021, but because of the Covid-19 situation, Games Workshop decided to make her available in all Warhammer stores and on games-workshop.com from September 12 to 20. We secured one of these limited models and take a look at what's inside.

Over the last two years, I gathered a quite sizeable terrain collection of classic Necromunda cardboard buildings and modern 40k plastic terrain kits. I never got around to taking proper group shots, but Garfy's awesome Souldrain Forest board inspired me to present my scenery in the same style. So here is my take on Sector Fronteris with all my Ryza pattern ruins. Wondering how I painted their black and petrol paint scheme? Check out all my recipes after the jump.

Today I'm gonna do an unboxing and review of Crypt Hunters, one of the games in the third wave of retail exclusive Warhammer board games, along with Space Marine Adventures: Rise of the Orks and Blitz Bowl Season 2. Crypt Hunters is a two-player game that pits three Stormcast and their trusty Gryph-hound against a wave of Chainrasps as they explore the Ten Thousand Tombs for an arcane relic. The game is essentially a "reskin" of the infamous Lost Patrol game, so let's see if this game improves the notoriously hard difficulty.

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