Hey guys, I'm taking a break from painting Windriders and painted some more Nighthaunt models, working on refining my paint scheme. The two models on the left were the first two models I painted, while I made some changes for the three models on the right. I used an airbrush for the fade on the robes, which helps to create a smoother blend, and changed the base rim colour from Charadon Granite to Steel Legion Drab. Which batch do you prefer and why?

Hey guys, we're experiencing the hottest summer in Germany ever, but still, I soldier on... the first batch of Jetbikes is 98% done (only need to fix some minor issues here and there). To add a little bit of my own touch, I'll only use rebreather-style Guardian helmets for this squadron, matching the style of the Vyper gunner. Also, check out my custom runic transfer designs on the cowls. The second batch will be two more regular Windriders and a custom Farseer, so stay tuned. But for now, I'll take a break and work on some Chainrasps, fine-tuning my paint scheme for the tutorial I promised.

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