I recently posted a tutorial on how to paint Pox Walkers and I'm using that guide to paint the six models that came with issue 4 of the UK publication Warhammer 40,000 Conquest. Making good progress on them so far. The tutorial predominately uses dry brushing, washes and glazes so they're actually pretty quick to paint. Eagle eyed readers would have also noticed the different grips I'm using. I have a MK1 and MK2 Get a Grip, a Get a Little Grip, two Get a Grip Pros (UK link, Global link) and a Get a Grip Basic (UK link, Global link).


Regular readers following my progress with the Conquest publication might be surprised to see this Dreadnought. No, I haven't had the Dreadnought issues early, it's just a standard Easy to Assemble Redemptor Dreadnought I had on my to do pile. Whilst waiting for issues 3, 4, 5 and 6 to be delivered I had some spare time and decided to reinforce my Dark Angels. More pics after the jump. 

Finally, I completed my unit of Aeldari Windriders. Painting them wasn't too difficult, nevertheless, they took a while to finish, as you essentially have to paint two models in one (the jetbikes and the riders). I also had to face a lot of crunch time in my job the last couple of weeks, so my hobby time diminished. But the result was worth it, I feel they compliment my Iybraesil collection very well.

It’s Age of Sigmar time! Here’s a nine-strong cluster of Grot Scuttlings from the modern (gasp!) Warhammer Quest Silver Tower game. There’s only eight in the box, but I painted a bonus one as PRAISE BE TO TZEENTCH. Spider-Grots, Spider-Grots, manufactured in Notts. Mashing together Night Goblins with sp-sp-spiders puzzles me – Forest Goblins were the spider-flavoured Goblins from Warhammer, so it’s confusing the themes. Like mashing up High Elves with leaves. Or Khorne Berserkers with sonic weaponry.

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