If you've been following my recently weekly posts you'll have noticed a different project each week. Before 2019 is over I want to finish all the projects that are undercoated on my desk. A few weeks ago it worked out to be 9 projects with nine weeks left in the year. That seemed like a sign to me so I made the pledge. After the jump check out how the list is doing. 

Another update on the Land Raider. I finished painting all the guns and turrets, quite a repetitive task. At least the model is really shaping up now. Hope to finish this beast this week, as I really need to make a start on my warband for #taleoftuesdays – Warhammer Underworlds edition.

How do you like my Land Raider so far?

Quick post to share what I'm working on this weekend. I got the Vanguard Lieutenant and Captain in Phobos armour when Shadowspear was released and I've been meaning to get them painted and added to the collection. Batch painting both at the same time seemed a good idea to speed things up and get them done. Check back next week when you can see the finished pictures. Let me know what you're working on this weekend in the comments.

I'm on a mission. I'm going to smash all my unfinished projects like an Inceptor making an orbital drop on a mob of Orks. I'm firing on full auto at the moment as cut through projects in rapid succession. I'm painting at least one project a week. After the jump see more shots the Inceptor unit and I'll share 'The List' with you. 

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