I'm so stoked for the new Age of Sigmar Soul Wars that's on the way that I thought I'd quickly sneak in a few more Stormcast Eternal Liberators for my Primal Kings army. These are just the push fit ones but it was so nice being able to assemble some models really quickly and jump straight into the painting. I'm working on blocking in the white areas at the moment ready for the yellow layers. It's time consuming but I find it really therapeutic and rewarding. I'm really enjoying the Get-a-Little-Grips for the batch painting. If you'd like to check out the grips, click this link.

I'm making some steady progress on my Primal Kings Stormcast Eternals Lord-Celestant. The Dracoth is 99% complete, I just need to do a couple of touch ups and a few edge highlights for the Dracoth. The Lord Celestant is coming along really nicely. You probably noticed the helmet is gold. Command figures will feature gold helmets. My unit champions all have silver helmets so it just made sense to paint the Celestant with a gold helmet even thought I've purposely avoided adding gold to the paint scheme so it should really highlight his importance. If you want to pick up a grip you can check them out here.

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