Green Stuff World produces a lot of interesting specialist paints, including fluorescent and "chameleon" colour-shifting paints. Now they expanded their paint range with a set of acrylic metallic paints, including coloured metallics like red, violet, green and blue. Non-toxic and suitable for both paint- and airbrush, they promise super-fine pigments, ultrahigh coverage power and fast drying times. In this review, we take a look at all 14 Metal Colors and see how they'll stand up to the competition.

I'm painting more Orks for Blitz Bowl, the board game version of Blood Bowl. You've probably seen the test model on the blog a while ago. It's a more "economic" paint scheme than usually, cutting corners here and there, as there are two six model teams included in the game and I don't want to spend months painting them. I try to finish the whole team before Easter, fingers crossed (they might appear a bit later on the blog as we prepare our posts a couple of days in advance). I'm also recording all the painting steps for another of our detailed tutorials, so stay tuned!

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