Next up are tje classic Necromunda buildings made out of cardboard and plastic bulkheads. I loved the look of those buildings back then and the artwork stood the test of time. I always wanted to own a set of these, and thanks to ebay and facebook groups I now have a whole set of Necromunda and Outlaws buildings plus a couple of spare pieces. The aim, for now, is to paint a complete Necromunda and Outlaw set and combine them with my "modern" terrain sets. I started with the largest building from the Necromunda set, made up of 12 bulkheads. Check out another picture after the jump.

Just a quick one-off figure this time. It's a Goblin Princess! Another great figure by Black Tree Design. I painted this one in between projects. Just straight up proper painting. Very enjoyable experience and a fun, unique figure which I'm sure I'll find use for in many Fantasy skirmish games in the future. Hope you like her!

Started painting a new unit this week. It's the Easy to Build Primaris Aggressors. These chunkybois are kitted out in MKX Gravis Armour. To me Gravis Armour is the bastard child of Terminator armour and Centurion armour and I must say I really like it. The beefed up shoulders, oversized fists, wrist mounted weaponry it takes all the best things of Terminator and Centurion armour and adds them to the already sweet looking MKX armour. A small unit of three is a joy to paint as well. I've glued these together and the backpack cables aren't hindering the painting experience at all, but then I think the grip helps with that as it makes painting the models at funny angles easier. 

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