In 2017, I started painting a Skaven Blood Bowl team – the Scurvy Scurriers. Unfortunately, after only five models, other projects caught my interest and I never completed the team. One of the few unfinished projects of mine. However, Games Workshop released a board game version of Blood Bowl last year, called Blitz Bowl, which only needs six models a team. Which means I am only one model (plus tokens) short! A nice in-between project after finishing my Silver Skulls Kill Team (stay tuned for the showcase post).

Notice the dungeon style base that matches the Blitz Bowl game board – I will change my older models to match. What do you think?

Surprise! Did you see that coming? Of course not, because they are Raven Guard, covert warfare specialists... I don’t usually share my Raven Guard on the blog because they are my 'gaming army’ I paint them cleanly but simply. I do however love the Dark Fury assault squad from Forge World which I use as Vanguard Veterans in games. I was pleased with how they came out when I painted them so I thought I would share them with you.

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