Hey everyone, Silvernome here back with more Chaos Legion goodness!

I’ve always been a fan of the Chaos Legions, but since I mostly play Death Guard and Thousand Sons I never really have had the chance to paint the other Legions without building out a force. I’ve always had a soft spot for dreadnoughts, they are just so iconic to Warhammer, so I decided to start collecting Contemptor Dreadnoughts from each legion to give me that chance to paint them all. When I’ve eventually collected and painted them, the grand plan is to make a small diorama to show them off.

Another update on my Silver Skulls Team. Working on the final two models, still this takes longer than expected. Garfy slaps out these Primaris so quickly, makes me admire his Conquest run even more. Speaking of Garfy, doesn't the Sergeant with the sword look a little bit like Garf when he had a mohawk? Hmm, I might be on to something...

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