Inspired by painting the new Goliath models for Necromunda, I thought it was the perfect occasion to revisit my classic Escher gang I painted in 2014. I feel these Jes Goodwin sculpts have aged very well, as they were ahead of their time (and ahead of the other gangs' models), with modern style weapons and (rather) modern proportions. I prefer these over the new plastic kit, and when I talked to Jes at Warhammerfest Germany in 2018 about my Escher models, it was my impression he likes his versions more, too, lol. Find out what I've changed after the jump.

Hey everyone, Silvernome here back with more Chaos Legion goodness!

As you may have seen by now with my previous posts here on Tale of Painters, I’ve been working on this project to paint each of the nine traitor legion Contemptor Dreadnoughts and eventually making a diorama out of them.

The last (?!) dread in the series is the Night Lords! As I shared in my previous Contemptor posts, I fully magnetized the dread (you can find my quick tutorial my Youtube channel) so I could hot-swap weapons on them all. I also magnetized the feet of the dread so when I eventually do a diorama, it can look at home on that display as well as a base themed for my army.

So I've painted a Necron from Indomitus, too, yay! I chose the Royal Warden as a test model for my own Necron dynasty that was inspired by the brass Szarekhan paint scheme – but with my own twist. I wanted a very effective paint scheme with a lot of texture, so most of the body has just been sponged, drybrushed and washed. Unlike the 'Eavy Metal paint scheme, my brass is darker, and the gauss glow is a cooler green. I'm not entirely happy with the finished model, though. Maybe you can help me out in the comment section?

Hi, all! I'm hopping on the Indomitus bandwagon and painted the Necron Overlord. He will be the only Necron because it's the only model I got ;). I do have some other characters from the Indomitus box set, like the Space Marine Captain and Chaplain. Which one should I paint next and for which chapter? Help me out and leave a comment below...

Welcome back to our celebration of Chaplains.These Chaplains are separated by 15 years of sculpting technology, game development and business strategy, whilst Stahly and I are separated by 900km and the North Sea. Last week we shared our work in progress pictures and now Stahly and I can share our finished members of the Reclusiarch. More after the jump.

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