Whoa, did you check out the LVO preview with the new Lumineth Realm-lords? It's no secret that I have a knack for pointy ears, and I really adore the new models, especially the Phoenix Lord Light of Eltharion and Teclis' mindbending pose. Can't wait to see the full range.

Years ago I painted a Lothern Seaguard just for fun. I wanted to explore a very bright and "sunny" paint scheme based on a white basecoat, with yellow and gold spot colours. It never turned into a real project, but I had this model in the back of my display case for years and thought the new reveal would be the perfect occasion to dig it out and take a better picture of it.

What do you think? How do you like the Lumineth Realm-lords aka Pointy Aelves?

So in my last post I talked about missing a deadline and being so busy I hadn't had time to paint. That week off from painting gave me plenty of time to think and thoughts of a warm embrace from the sky mother started to seep into my subconscious. I've dropped all current projects and started painting a Genestealer Cult Patriarch. Honestly, it's as if someone is controlling my thoughts and making me paint this... I can't think what's changed? Although, there was this rather messy snog in a dark alley a couple of days ago with this 10ft tall person. They were all tongues! Kept telling me to call them "daddy". Still, all praise the four armed Emperor. 

Heyhey, after a whole lot of Polish lancers and right before getting started on some more Harlequins I'll see that I get a bit of a head start on some Orks. First: 64 Stormboyz. I split them into two batches of 32 to make it more manageable, here's a WIP shot of the first batch. Hope you like them and that I get them done swiftly and to a satisfying finish. :)

Hi all, welcome back to Tale of Tuesdays where I have a brand new war band to share with you.

Getting hobby done over the festive period seems to go one of two ways for me. Either I am leisurely painting miniatures midday (midweek!) without a care in the world, or I am flapping around like a bat squig. Alas, it was the latter for me recently and all hobby productivity went out the window. However, here we are two weeks into 2020 and I have painted up a major portion of this warband. Hurrah! It feels good to get some paint on some miniatures.

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