I picked up Warcry: Monsters and Mercenaries last weekend. It's a great little book for £15 packed with new Campaign Quest rules, and rules for adding characters and Chaotic Beasts and Gargantuan Creatures to your game. As soon as I saw the Slaughterpriest in the book I dived into my stack of grey sprues and pulled out the White Dwarf free model from a few years ago. More after the jump. 

What's up folks, SpaceShrimp here with my Tale of Tuesday update.

So far I haven't really painted any of the skeleton/bone type players in my team (apart from the tiny skeleton in the ball) so I really wanted to see how my colour scheme would look on them. They have a lot less cloth and flesh areas than the other models, so I thought it would be a nice change and mini-challenge to make it look like it was a part of the the team.

Hi all! I finished this Heart-eater of the Untamed Beasts, a good practice for painting skin. I also made use of the new Skeleton Horde Contrast paint on the bone parts which was quick and easy, even though I had to rework the bone a little bit by adding some layers and highlights.

Who else is on the Warcry bandwagon? Leave a comment or reaction below…

My #taleoftuesdays journey has come to the finish line: Here is my completed Dark Elves team. Unlike my fellow coaches, I'm a cheat and didn't paint a complete Blood Bowl team, but a six model team for the board game version Blitz Bowl instead. Nevertheless, I spent more time on them than I thought, but I'm quite pleased with the result. Check out more pictures after the jump – and help my find a team name in comments!

Hi all! Today I would like to show to you this little Gobbapalooza guy. It's the so-called Shroomancer. I really like this small Goblin and had a lot of fun while painting him. The model is full of small details and is telling a whole story by itself. It's the only Gobbapalooza Goblin I have from a set of five, but in my eyes, this one is the star.

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