For over 20 years I didn't use a wet palette, just random stuff like old CDs to pour my paint onto. I always thought a wet palette is only for wet blending masters and Golden Demon level paint jobs with a lot of intricate paint mixes, but not for me, who uses most paints straight out of the bottle. I didn't consider a wet palette to be an essential hobby item, but having made the switch, oh, how wrong I was. In this post, I tell you five ways a wet palette will improve your painting no matter your skill level.

Hi everyone, it's Shvagyer again with another heretical Kill Team. Last time I showed you my World Eaters, but now it's time for some Nurgle worship. The main goals were:- leave no model unconverted
- get rid of all/almost all tentacles and weird growths that I associate with Slaanesh more so than Nurgle
- there is no such thing as 'too much weathering' :D

This week is Warcry Catacombs week! Today I share my Azyrite Ruins from the original Warcry starter set, which are also included in the new Catacombs box. I chose a basic dark grey stone colour for my ruins, with some details picked out in brass, rusty metal, and a jade green that matches the pale green tiles of the Warcry game board. I share all my paint recipes in this post, so feel free to copy or adapt my scheme as you please.

Hi all! I finished this Primaris Captain in Phobos Armour for the Silver Skulls Space Marines chapter. Although it is a simple colour scheme, the painting process was time-consuming because of the neverending details. I used a head from Reaver Marine to match the Silver Skulls style. I hope you like it, leave a comment or reaction below... 


Games Workshop has kindly sent me a copy of Warcry Catacombs and I’m going to lift the lid and review it’s contents and talk about the new rules. This set is up for pre-order today (24th October 2020) and will be released on Saturday 31st October. Check out this in-depth review after the jump.

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