This is a Kill Team of the Kabal of the Last Hatred, lead by Haemonculus Grevyth the Pale, for whom they do their bidding, as he secretly infected their brains with mind control parasites during one of their many recreation cycles. While Archon Xurul Flickerblade thinks to manipulate the Haemonculus to his own ends, the exact opposite is true. Always tasked to gather samples of flesh of the lesser races for their Haemonculus master, Flickerblade's party revel in collecting the most aesthetically pleasing heads and body parts of their victims. As ever striving for perfection, it's often the unforgiving Hekatrix Kherissa Khrone who racks up the most impressive pieces.

I painted these models years ago when Garfy and me challenged ourselves to paint a Megaforce. As you can see, I chose Dark Eldar ;) How do you like the models and backstory? I think the name and backstory generators from the Kill Team core manual are great fun, we need more of these GW! They should be in every codex and battletome...

This isn't a review because I'm writing it myself about my own product. It's more an informative post that I can use to link people who ask me questions about the Garfy's Get a Grip range. So if you want to find out why thousands of people have chosen to add these popular paint handles to their hobby areas then read on. 

Another day, another WIP. I'm going to use this post to quickly take stock of my current hobby. As you can see from the picture my Conquest delivery  finally arrived (two weeks late) and I've rushed ahead with painting the next issue which is Lord Felthius & the Tainted Cohort. I've also assembled and base coated the rest of this month's subscription models (cargo container and three more Reivers). More on those at a later date. What does that leave left to do? Well I still have those three Pox Walkers to finish, but I did manage to finish the two Reivers I was working on last week. I'll share a photo of those later on in the week. My concern is with this subscription delivery being two weeks late, am I going to get the next monthly delivery in two weeks time so the publisher catches up?  That doesn't give me much time to get everything painted. It's going to be a busy two weeks so watch this space. NEW Garfy's Get a Grip Long Pro now available and in stock. 

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