Finally pictures of the new Eldar Fire Prism/Night Spinner combi kit leaked. You can watch the Night Spinner over at Brückenkopf.
Of course I will get one of these beauties for my Saim Hann Warhost. I really like the fact that they completely redesigned the turret and weapon. It will make every Eldar tank looking more unique. Of course there are some matters of taste: The added wings on the hull seem to be a bad fit with large gaps, which makes them look very glued on. The massive turret might make the vehicle look a bit top heavy. There seem to be vectored engines included but NO freaking holofield - please GW everybody and his mum are using it and yet it is no plastic option! Now we can only wait for a recut Falcon sprue and this will take some time... And I don't like clear plastic but you can easily paint over it.
But overall I like the new design.