Finally, high quality pictures of the Vostroyan Squad I painted. Click for higher resolution.
Vostroyans were released as some kind of poster boys for the Cities of Death expansion for Warhammer 40.000. As a result of the "shiney new toy syndrome" I bought the battleforce (which contained 2 Infantry and 1 command squad) and some blisters, maybe some day to be used as Stormtroopers in a Witch Hunter or Guard become. Eventually it became clear I'd never come around to paint all of them so I sold almost everything I had but kept my five favourite sculpts. I really like the gothicness and the steampunk and russian influence even though some of the sculpts are a bit sloppy proportion-wise.
On the painting side I wanted to use a more realistic and military palette as opposite to my Eldar, on which I use a lot of bright colours. I also tried out a verdigris on bronze effect.