Cheers to all those who found this blog!
I'm Stahly, a collector and painter from Germany. You may know me for my work for German Tabletop website Brückenkopf-Online, where I am an editor and publish hobby tutorials and reviews every thursday.
This blog will track progress of my collection and will contain regular updates of WIP stuff, professional photography of finished paint jobs, tutorials and maybe even some chatter regarding new releases and developments in the wargaming world.
If you got feedback or questions you can leave me a comment in either German or English - I'm always glad to help you out! As I'm no native speaker, it would be nice if you could correct some blatant spelling and grammar mistakes, thank you very much ;)

So it would be really nice if you would visit me every once in a while, or even bookmark this page or subscribe to the RSS feed!

I just finished uploading pictures of the stuff I currently own. I'm in the hobby since I'm 13 years and I had possesed a lot of models... there were two attempts at doing Ultramarines before I made the Ultramarine force you can see in my blog, some Imperial Guard and Ork stuff, but I will surely dedicate a more detailed blog post that will look back at my hobby career.