So with all the Eldar goodness coming along, what does the future hold for my Ultramarines? I will paint the already shown Scout Squad after I finish the Wave Serpent, along with classic Marneus Calgar. Power armoured Marneus was one of the first UM models I bought, about 10 or 11 years ago. I recently found him and some other old models at my parents' house. While most of the old stuff were trash can fodder, I decided to save him by stripping him from his abysmal paintjob (well, I was 12 years old or so...). It will be great to paint him, because of the nostalgia and because I'm really curious to see how this classic model will look in a contemporary paint scheme.

Once he and the Scouts are done, I will paint more Eldar. But I've also bought a Venerable Dreadnought some time ago. It's a great kit with a lot of options, not all of them look good in my opinion, but you can get a really nice model out of it. I will arm him with TL Lascannons and a Missile Launcher.

With the price rise coming soon I might get an Assault Terminator Squad to paint at some point in the future. I had a squad of Terminators in my old army, but I didn't want to strip them so I sold them off. As no proper Space Marine collection is without Terminators, I'd like to have some again. I also dream of a Land Raider Redeemer for the Terminators to ride in, and a Ravenwing Battleforce, which will make another Landspeeder so I have a pair, and a heavily kitbashed Captain on bike with a 5 marine bike squad, which can be a troop choice. But this won't probably happen until 6th Edition, as I will focus on my Eldar first and then start a Skaven army. And did I say I also own a full collection of all Jes Goodwin Escher Gang models, all unpainted?