Today I built a wave serpent. I chose to use TL Brightlances. Must say, it's a cool looking model and even though the turret is a bit angular, I like it. The pokey bits stay seperate for the easy of priming and painting.

As I had so much fun while modelling, I also started with a Scout squad for my Ultramarines. They are leftovers from a battleforce I bought long ago and I decided to paint them before I move on to the more fun additions to my Marines like the new Venerable Dreadnought or Terminators. They are next after the Wave Serpent, along with classic power armoured Marneus Calgar.
I armed them with shotguns, just because I think shotguns are cool - you can make funny sound effects while using them, plus you see them rarely in this configuration. I will add the classic metal Heavy Bolter Scout to the five plastic ones, for a total of six Scouts. I never liked the heads that come with the kit, as they look so different from regular marine heads. So I will probably use regular heads, shaved down to fit. The Seargent on the far left has the Baneblade commander head. What do you guys think? I grouped them with some regular Marines for size reference. Good Idea or distorted proportions? Please comment!