High quality pictures of the first batch of my Harlequins. I've still got five left, including a Death Jester and a Shadowseer, but as they take quite long to paint, I decided to save them up for a later time.
The paint scheme is totally different from the 'Eavy Metal version. I decided to do without all the freehands and patterns but to use a red and purple quartered scheme which looks striking at arm length. The unit acts as a kind of visual connection of all the different coloured (Aspect) squads. There is of course the Saim Hann red and the purple, but you can also find the greyish blue of the Dire Avengers, the warm reddish brown of the Fire Dragons (yet to be painted), the bone of the Banshees. Yet they are the only unit which sports a lot of turquoise, so they've got their on "flavour" as well.