So after finishing my Scout squad some Eldar love again. I own 10 Harlequins (the box, a Death Jester and Shadowseer and a blister of Harlequins with Kisses) and decided to paint them in two steps. I built the first five and had some problems with the Great Harlequin, his sash broke off from the base so I had to pin him and hide the damage with Green Stuff.

I also started with a test mini. As you can see, it is vastly different than the GW studio paintjob. To keep my sanity there will be no patterns or freehands on the clothing but a striking quartered red and purple scheme. There will also be a lot of turquoise. I will use the same palette as on my other Eldar models to tie the army together. In a way the Harlequins act as a visual link for all the different coloured units, e.g. you can find some ribbons in the greyish blue of the Dire Avengers' armour as well as my standard Saim-Hann red.