These are some high quality pictures of a little model I painted for fellow Brückenkopf author Darkover. He just got married and as a kind of wedding present he asked all of his wargamer friends to contribute a painted Night Goblin. I don't know why you would want a regiment full of Night Goblins to your wedding, but nevertheless here is my model ;)

I based my scheme on the studio paintjobs but kept the palette more muted overall. For those interested in the colours used:
Base - Calthan Brown, drybrushed with P3 Beast Hide and Jack Bone
Skin - Knarloc Green, shaded with Badab Black, highlights with RMS Olive and Swamp Green (Pegasus Oliv- and Sumpfgrün). Eyes are Blood Red with a Fiery Orange highlight. Teeth are Dheneb Stone with a P3 Morrow White highlight.
Cloak - Black with Charadon Granite and P3 Bastion Grey highlights
Red - Mechrite Red, washed with Devlan Mud, highlights with Mechrite Red and Vermin Brown
Moons - Ianyden Darksun, shaded with Gryphonne Sepia, highlights with P3 Menoth White Base and Highlight
Ropes - Beast Hide, layered with Menoth White Base and highlighted with MW Highlight
Metal - P3 Pig Iron, highlights with Mithril Silver