I've already dropped a few hints here and there about my big new project once the majority of my Eldar army is finished. Beware man-things, it's Skaven!

I've always loved Skaven fluff but I never liked the asthetics of their model range. This was until the great model that came with the recent army book! I'm totally in love with the new Clanrat/Slave set. Not to forget, new 8th Edition is really a good point starting a new system.

However, painting Skaven will be a big challenge. I toyed around with an army list of things I want in my army (more about that in Part 2) and it will be 150 -180 models in total. So many models to paint, so little spare time! This means, I really need a tight colour scheme that can be painted in a minimum of time. The model above is my first test model. I planned spending 45 minutes on it, in the end it was 85 minutes. Far too much. I'll try to simplify the scheme aiming for 60 to 70 minutes.

As you can see above, I'm going for an unique colour scheme. I really like the muted green drab of the 'Eavy Metal Plaguemonks and took it as a starting point. On my Skaven there will be a lot of greenish colours, muted green clothes (Knarloc Green), along with grey linen with a little hint of green as well (Cryx Bane Highlight). Then there will be bright greens like Snot/Scorpion Green or VGC Scurf/Jade Green for Banners and warpstone. To add a contrast, there will be orange rust on the metal, glowing red eyes and Baal Red glazes for the flesh. The fur will be more greyish instead of brown, which I think looks more realistic and prevents Skaven to look ape like.