So how will my Skaven army shape up? As always with the armies I collect I focus on the models and themes I like and try to make a well rounded list of it. For Skaven, this means I'm going to avoid all models that are older than the Rat Ogres and Plaguemonk kits. Luckily, soon there will be the new Warhammer Fantasy Starter Set, which will contain new Skaven models. The rumourmongers of Warseer confirmed Poison Wind Globadiers, a Poison Wind Mortar and Warpfire Thrower team and two Rat Ogres to be included. Harry also said, there will be new Skaven releases at a later point, which are rumoured to contain a Hellpit Abomination and Warmachines. The starter set will also be a good way to bulk out on Clanrats so I'm probably going to buy two or trade my High Elves in.

Ok, the centre piece of my army shall be a Screaming Bell, pushed by a big blog of say 40 Clanrats. I always loved the iconic image of the Bell and the rules sound really fun. I hope the starter set will also include a bunch of Heroes, because apart from the new special characters the available models are old and weak.

The Core will comprise of a lot of Clanrats and Slaves. I'm going to buy a box of Stormvermin as well, great models which offer a lot of conversion possibilities and bits. They seem to get a bit better in 8th Edition with their high initiative. There will be Giant Rats as well, as a lot of Skaven sprues containt a host of additional rats, so it would be a waste not using them.

Specials will see the Globadiers of the starter set, I love the concept behind the unit and I'm sure the models will be ace. For the rest, I'm not so sure. I'd like to put the emphasize on Skryre units, but the metal Jezzail models are too old and too pricey. Maybe there will be Plague Monks, as they come with the Battalion, depends on what will make a better deal, the starter or the Battalion. The models were nice at their time but nowadays they pale next to the new releases and their style is different as well. But the sprues contain a lot of bitz and extra giant rats, so... maybe with some conversion work and a nice paint scheme. However, I want some rat ogres. I understand they aren't that great gaming-wise but they should be fun to paint, especially if they improve the sculpts for the starter kit.

For the Rare Section, a Doom Wheel is a must. Great model, period. Apart from that, I can see adding a Warpfire Cannon, I heard a new, probably plastic one (with an updated crew) is in the works. Actually I don't want a Hellpit Abomination because I heard it is overpowered, but when they release a model for it, I guess it will be totally awesome so it might be tempting :D

Well, it will be an aweful lot of rats to paint, I'm curious how the whole horde will turn out!