Cheers, this is an Blood Angels step by step tutorial that focuses on easy techniques like washing, drybrushing and layering to create a great gaming model in a reasonable amount of time.

1. Prime the model with Army Painter Pure Red spray. Hit areas not covered by the spray with Macharius Solar Orange, then paint over with Blood Red. Paint the sand on the base with Charadon Granite, then drybrush with P3 Cryx Bane Highlight and Rotting Flesh. Cover the model with a thin coat of Blood Red, this will help the wash to attach better.

2. Wash the whole armour with slightly thinned Devlan Mud (first picture). Drybrush the armour heavily with Blood Red, then gently with P3 Khardic Flesh (second picture). Add some sharp highlights, again with Khardic Flesh. Then glaze the model with 1:1 thinned Baal Red in order to make the highlights less pink and intensify the colour (third picture).

3. Paint the eyes with Snot Green and highlight with Goblin Green. Add a small white dot for the reflection.
Paint the metal areas with Boltgun Metal, wash with Badab Black and highlight with Chainmail.
Paint the casing of the Bolter and the left knee pad with Chaos Black, then highlight with Adeptus Battlegrey and Fortress Grey.
Paint the white chest aquila with VGC Heavy Blue Grey, then highlight with VGC Ghost Grey and Skull White.
Paint the leather with Calthan Brown, wash with Devlan Mud and highlight with P3 Beast Hide.
Paint the purity seal with Khemri Brown, layer Dheneb Stone and highlight with P3 Morrow White. Paint the wax with Warlock Purple, wash with Leviathan Purple, highlight with Warlock Purple and a mix of Warlock Purple and Fortress Grey.
Paint the gold areas with VGC Glorious Gold, wash with Devlan Mud and highlight with P3 Radiant Platinum.

4. Paint the base with P3 Guncorps Brown (or Graveyard Earth), add some dead static gras to the base and attach decals (I used Microsol for this). Then varnish.

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