Cheers, another easy step by step tutorial, this time a Skeleton Warrior from the Vampire Counts range. Finishing the model took only about 70 minutes, which allows you to field decent painted regiments in a reasonable amount of time.

1. Prime the model with Skeleton Bone Colour Primer from The Army Painter. Apply two thin coats instead of one thick and when working with Army Painter primers, make sure to shake the can for at least two minutes, come close to the model (about 4 or 5 inches) and use long, sweeping moves instead of short bursts. Paint areas not covered by the spray with Bleached Bone.

2. Wash the sand of the base with VGC Brown Ink, then drybrush with Tausept Ochre and Bleached Bone.
Wash the bones with Devlan Mud, then layer on Bleached Bone (or P3 Menoth White Base) and highlight with P3 Menoth White Highlight (or VGC Off White).

3. Paint the clothing with Scab Red, the wooden hilts with Charadon Granite and the metal with Boltgun Metal. Wash the clothing and the armour with Badab Black. Apply some Badab Black on the wood just around the hand for shading. When the wash is dry, wash the armour a second time.

4. Highlight the red clothes with Scab Red and then Mechrite Red (you can even skip the Scab Red step for the back ranks). Drybrush the wood with Khemri Brown. Highlight the metal with Chainmail in a scratchy way. Paint the brass with VGC Brassy Brass, apply some VGC Scurf Green in the recesses to create verdigris and highlight with P3 Radiant Platinum.

5. Finish the model by painting the shield with the techniques learned above, paint the rim of the base with P3 Gun Corps Brown (or Graveyard Earth) and apply some static grass. Then varnish.

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