For my Skaven army I'm in desperate need for a suitable fur colour. I don't like the Scorched Brown/Bestial Brown of the studio army. Bestial Brown is a very intense brown quite a bit red/orange in it. I'm looking for a more natural greyish brown. I've tried all that was in my collection of over 150 paints but couldn't find something I liked. Khemri Brown: too beige, Charadon Granite, P3 Bastion Grey: too grey, Calthan Brown, P3 Bootstrap Leather: too brown... I'm currently looking into P3 Battlefield Brown or Reaper Master Series Dark Skin. I've had the Dark Shadow of this triad but this was too dark. For my fellow readers which use one of these colours, what do you think, how do they compare? Or do you've got another idea?

PS: Picture is totally unrelated and shows the plastic Warlord from Island of Blood.