I got asked in the comments what kind of brushes I use. I thought the answer was worth its own entry!

So on the far left we got Harbin Kolinsky 1526Y from daVinci in sizes 0, 1 and 2. These are a German brand of fine art brushes and are in the same price category as GW brushes or slightly cheaper. But their bristles are much better and keep their tip very good. I use these for basecoating and washing. Usually I paint accurately around an area with the size 0 and fill it in with the 1 or 2.

Then I got some Winsor & Newton Series 7, size 0, 00 and 00 M. I use the size 0 usually for shading or the first highlight. The 00 gets used for fine highlighting and the 00 M (the M series has short bristles for more control) for the most extreme highlights and stuff like eyes or for retouching. These are expensive but excellent brushes that last for ages when you take good care of them.

For drybrushing I use the Army Painter Small and Large Drybrush. I like synthethic brushes for drybrushing better, however I still have this Citadel Drybrush. The Wargamer Monster brush is used for heavy duty work like applying the Vallejo Black Lava texture paint, overbrushung or for painting large areas quickly like on tanks. I've also got an old large flat brush left from art school that is used to drybrush vehicles.