So I finally settled on my final Skaven paint scheme and painted up a Clanrat in it. It took my 70 minutes to finish, I aimed for 60, but to save further time I would have to sacrifice quality visibly. 10 minutes more per Clanrat will add up, but it can't be helped.

I'm going to do a detailed tutorial soon (as well as for an Island of Blood High Elf Swordmaster!) that will be published here and at Brückenkopf, so stay tuned. But for now, I want to share a very cool skin recipe with you as promised yesterday. I wanted my Skaven to have much paler skin as shown at some of the alternate Clanrats on the colour section of the Armybook. So I basecoated the skin with Dheneb Stone, gave it a light wash of Ogryn Flesh and highlighted with Reaper Master Series Aged Bone and Polished Bone (Pegasus Farben Gealterte Knochen und Polierte Knochen). For highlighting you can use Dheneb Stone and a mix of Dheneb Stone and White as well, essentially the same. The result gives some very cool hues, and for comparison I put an Ultramarine Scout next to the Skaven. The skin of the Scout was painted with Dwarf and Elf flesh.