If you didn't know yet, GW will release a metal bitzpack containing sling arms for Slaves two weeks after Island of Blood. This made me think whether I should equip the Slave regiment of my upcoming army with them. A draft of the army list can be found here: List.

I know there are some excellent Skaven players among my reader, what do you guys think about Slaves with slings? I haven't read the 8th edition rule book completely, but from what I learnt Slings don't have drawbacks in close combat as the Slaves keep their handweapons. Is this correct? Are slings are worthwile upgrade for a mere half point (thus just 12.5 points for a regiment of 25)? Please enlighten me!

PS: The Slaves above aren't mine but Rushputin's from Warpstone Pile. Check out his blog if you like everything Skaven!