Today I built and converted two Farseers and a Warlock, which involved a lot of sanding, pinning and green stuffing. In order to make the Farseer models more consistent with their codex entry, I removed the hand with the Shuriken Pistol from the Farseer with the staff (which shall be a Singing Spear) and glued it to the one with the Witchblade. Then I gave the first one a pointing hand from the Repeater Bolt Thrower sprue, and the other one a bare head from the Dragon Mage kit, both from the High Elves range. I imagine that the first Farseer is kind of the wise old guy, while the bare headed one is a younger, more active kind.

I also started to build a Fire Prism with a shortened, old school looking Prism Cannon. I'm going to show you tomorrow.