I finally got my Island of Blood models. There are 80 clanrats, 4 weapon teams, 2 rat ogres, 2 handlers, the Engineer and the Warlord. I also have the "Read me first" booklet which is really bad. There is hardly any content apart from a nice map of the old world, some fluff for the included units and a brief introduction of each of the races. It doesn't show you how to paint the models of the box ("buy How to paint Citadel Miniatures" instead), apart from the griffon it doesn't even show how to build the models, there are no rules or tutorial scenarios, just a sketchy four pages battle report and what you need to buy next for your armies and gaming tables...

You've probably all seen the Skaven characters and special units so far, but nobody talks about the Clanrats. There is a mix of armoured and unarmoured rats and round and traingle shields as following:
27 armoured Clanrats, 13 unarmoured
21 Clanrats with round shields (2 champions, 11 armoured, 8 unarmoured), 18 with triangle shields (13 armoured, 5 unarmoured), 1 musician with a drum instead of a shield

The uneven allocation creates some problems for people who like their regiments more uniform... for example I have to sort out all the unarmoured Clanrats as I want to use unarmoured bodies exclusively for Slaves.