In case you haven't done so, definately check out the Island of Blood review on Brückenkopf! It's written in German, but it is the most comprehensive review so far with over 100 high quality pictures. It's everything there - sprue close ups, pictures of single parts, built models in various angles and scale comparison shots. Even if you can't read German, the visit is worth for the pictures alone!

Part 1 - Box Content and Sprues, Part 2 - High Elves, Part 3 - Skaven

A real bummer with this set is that they didn't include the rules on the models included. You only got profiles from the Bestiary in the Core Rulebook. That's right, to play out of the box you need to buy both the Skaven and High Elf army book. One of the suits at GW feels probably very clever now... Also they didn't include any scenarios that teach you the rules step by step.