I borrowed a SLR from a friend as I had to take some pictures for a real life project. While I had the setup, I took some better full army shots of my Eldar and Ultramarines.

There are some nasty shadows and I am by no means a professional photographer, but I think the picture gives a good impression how the units look beside each other. Click for full size. I'm pleased how the army looks cohesive yet allows each aspect to have its trademark colour. With Eldar it is very easy to get an army that looks very cobbled together.

Of course the army isn't finished yet. There will be Farseers, an Autarch, a Fire Prism, Fire Dragons and hopefully a host of jetbikes once GW decides to finally come out with those sweet prototypes of Jes.

I'v also took a picture of my Ultramarines which I will post later this week.