When I started this blog I was eager to have a post almost everyday. In the last couple of months the number started to dwindle because of my graduation. Well, starting tomorrow, I will be working full time with lots of overtime likely. This is going to have a big cut back on my spare hobby time, which will probably happen on weekends from now on. Which will affect my blog as well. Hobby-wise, I'm still going strong. I'm about to finish all of what I've planned for my Saim-Hann army and start building and painting Skaven soon. I don't want to become one of those blogs or project logs that start with a big bang to wither and fade away later. Sadly, if I don't get around painting I don't have anything to show here as well. However I'm aiming for two postings a week, so please bear with me even though the updating frequency will become lower.