So I finished the Warlock yesterday which will be the last Eldar model I'm going to paint for the time beeing. I also varnished all my Eldar models that weren't yet which means I can finally take some high quality pictures of my second Guardian squad, my Fire Prism and my Farseer. Stay tuned, I will post them in the next couple of weeks along with a conclusion of building my Saim-Hann force and some thoughts how to further expand the army in the future.

Having finished my Eldar host for now means I can turn to the huge pile of Skaven models I gathered. I started with a group of three clanrats I had already assembled and primed some time ago. I use the colour scheme as laid out in my tutorial. As there are a lot of models to paint, I have to lower my painting standard to keep things manageable but I plan to balance it with some cool focus points like character and command models. Once the models above are painted I need to do more assembling.