Leaked pictures of the upcoming Skaven wave in January! Enjoy.

Hellpit Abomination - rumoured to be priced at 39 Euro (same as IG tanks). Plastic kit. Notice the different arm and head options.

Warplightning Cannon/Plagueclaw Catapult. Combined Plastic Kit. I really love how the cannon looks like a big, steampunky lascannon. Not so sure about the Catapult though - I liked the proportions of the artworks in the army book better.

Ikit Claw - metal model. Looks really mean. I love the "crane" for his big claw, as well as the armoured hood. Not so sure about the big banner though.

Doom Flayer weapon team. The rider looks a bit off, but really no big deal. Very much like the artworks.

There will also be a metal Tretch Caventail and a Warpgrinder team with no pictures yet. Personally I can't wait to get an Abomination and a Cannon - and maybe Ikit just to paint him up.