So after months of painting, this is my finished Clanrat regiment, 40 models in total. A really huge unit considering my whole Eldar army has like 65 models! So quite a big task considering spare time is pretty rare for me, which is why it took me months to finish.

I painted the models with a speed over quality approach, however I added some interesting details like source lighting on the warpstone parts and the rust effect on the metal to create focus points. If you want to know which paints and techniques I used, check out the tutorial by clicking here or browse the tutorial tag in the right column.

All models are magnetized to the movement tray which I made in two 4x5 parts which allows me to put a Screaming Bell beneath them once I get around painting one. If I don't want to run a Bell I can flip both trays by 90 degrees and put the trays together for a 10x4 horde formation.