The Good Stuff:

Designer Notes for the new Dark Eldar Models with Jes and Phil (always good to read something from Jes); solid tactic articles for Tomb Kings and Grey Knights; insights about the new Finecast range, showcases of players' armies.

What's In There For Painters and Modellers?
Extensive coverage about the Finecast range, how to work with it, comments by designers and 'Eavy Metal painters; a sprue breakdown for the Talos/Cronos Pain Engine; showcases of some Army on Parade entries; a Space Wolf army showcase.

Things I Didn't Like:
No painting tutorials whatsoever; the Finecast coverage is mainly marketing-driven speech; the players' armies are rather bland with basic colour schemes and very few conversions; the new series "Battle Scenes" which is a rather random and pointless plug for showing pictures of two big studio armies on a Realm of Battle board and Citadel Terrain.

The Verdict:
There is a lot of text in this issue. Some good tactics and battle reports to read (surprisingly in addition to the Eldar vs. Dark Eldar report there is a short LotR one). However I miss some sort of painting guide. In the trader announcement there was a Coven Army Workshop mentioned, it got probably pushed to the next issue to make room for the Finecast coverage. It's nice to see good pictures of the new Wracks and Grotesques though. Theme for next month's issue is Storm of Magic. A solid but not outstanding issue. 6/10

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