If you are a loyal reader of my blog you probably wait for my monthly White Dwarf review. Well, as a result of their new release policy (everything will be released on the last Saturday of the month with no teasers before at all) GW decided that White Dwarf subscribers won't get their copy earlier from now on, but they will ship the issues at the day of release, which means that you get your issue some days later than in store. Seriously? You commit yourself to a subscription but instead of a preferred treatment you are getting disadvantaged? While you can argue about the quality of the magazine I was always looking forward to the newest issue arriving at my mail box and enjoyed the painting articles.

I'm really fed up now. Needless to say I cancelled my subscription as a sign of protest. This is another blow in a streak of bad marketing decisions lately after the latest price rise, the Finecast quality debacle and the southern hemisphere embargo. I just can't understand how little GW cares for their loyal customers, especially for a company that relies on word of mouth mainly. They make it really hard to enjoy my hobby at the moment.