Finally decent pictures of the limited Cities of Death Ultramarine Captain I painted a while ago! I really like how the model turned out - I like how the blue banner provides a better contrast to the attached parchment over the 'Eavy Metal version. I did some minor conversions to the model: I added the backpack from the plastic SM Captain sprue and filled the battle damage on the right leg with Greenstuff as no other of my Ultramarines has visible battle damage. The model isn't perfect though, the face is a bit weird and some proportions here and there seem a bit off, I can't say who sculpted this model for sure, as the sculptor wasn't stated in WD, but I think it's an early Juan Diaz sculpt. Truth is most of the limited Edition models are either trainee pieces or stuff that wouldn't have passed quality control otherwise so you often find some minor issues on these models.