I bought some new brushes and paint pots. Some colours I was running out and actually my first Vallejo Model Colour. Germany Grey is a great colour to highlight paint with and closes the gap between Adeptus Battlegrey and Chaos Black. On a side note, I noticed that the Citadel paint pots have been slightly modified, the lids can no longer be locked open. Also the Foundation Paints and Washes, which have been manufactured in China in the past, are now manufactured in France like the rest of the range. I noticed some slight changes, the new Dheneb Stone is slightly colder in tone (but hardly noticable), Badab Black is a little bit more viscous and I heard in a form that Gryphonne Sepia is more orange now. Bugger.

Apart from that I bought some new brushes to replace their precursors, I like the synthetic Army Painter brushes for heavy duty work like drybrushing, applying basecoats and stippling. I think they offer solid quality and are cheap and readily available at a gaming store of your choice. If you are interested in what kind of brushes I use, have a look at this blog entry.