Is this thing on... testing... testing... Hi I'm Garfy and I like long walks and reading poetry... oh wait, this isn't a dating website?

OK I'm a massive fan of painting Games Workshop models. Most of my spare time is spent pushing paint around with a hairy stick. I'm mainly a 40k collector, but I dabble in fantasy and occasionally I buy up old out of production games to paint (Warhammer Quest, Tyranid Attack etc). My main collections are Tyranids and Ultramarines, both of which at the time of writing are 13,000pts strong. I'm also currently working on 2 smaller forces, Grey Knights and Dark Eldar. I'm not really into showcase painting. I prefer to paint army collections. I've only entered Golden Demon once and I made finalist with 2 entries. I've won best painted army at Warhammer World but more recently I've had my work featured on Games Workshop's 'What's New Today' blog (11 times to date... but who's counting - I am).
Outside of the hobby, I'm a Graphic Designer and I'm married to my lovely wife Jo and we live in London. I enjoy running and cycling.