I've started painting the last rank of my 30 rats strong Stormvermin unit. Amongst them - as a little reward - the unit champion. I did some minor conversions to the Fangleader: I took the scythe and the sword arm, removed the scythe and replaced the sword with it. Then I took a pistol arm from the Empire Pistoleer sprue, cut the pistol away and added it to the Skaven, while filling any gaps with green stuff. To make the Warplock Pistol complete, I added a blog of green stuff for the fire stone, let it set, then removed it and cut it carefully to an angular, crystal like shape. then I glued it back in place with super glue - this gave a stronger connection than just green stuff on bare plastic. Lastly I put a small rat from the Hellpit Abomination sprue to the champion's shoulder.