Regular followers of the blog would have seen the WIP around a week ago, well I finished my Grey Knight Purgation squad yesterday. I don't normally spend this long (23 days) painting 5 models, but I was working on these in-between the Thunderhawk, which is proving a big distraction.

I haven't got the armour tutorial ready yet, but for now here is my recipe.

Basecoat: Vallejo Glaxe Medium + GW blue wash (old hexagon pot) mixed with Vallejo Game Colour Silver. You only need a small amount (10% ish) of blue wash to tint the silver paint.

First Highlight: Using the above mix add more VGC Silver.

Second highlight: Pure VGC Silver

'Black line': I use a mix of VGC Black (just a touch) with VGC Stormy Blue and a lot of water to line all the armour gaps.