Heyhey, new pictures of some things Dreadfleet!

Let's see what we have here.... it's the Heldenhammer, the Dragon that acts as auxiliary vessel for the High Elves ship and of course the Wind (or Maelstrom) marker.

On a similar note - this Dreadfleet painting competition went down today in GW stores and I won the Best Fleet award by showcasing all the ships from the box (bar the Bloodreaver which still is WIP :( ). I also won the Halloween painting contest at the very same store with the Necromancer-on-graveyard diorama. :)

P.S.: It's very hard to see in the pictures but the writings on the Heldenhammer's sails say "SISTE! TEMPUS MALLEI" which is (probably a gramatically incorrect) latin version of "Stop! Hammertime".