In a break from assembling the huge Thunderhawk gunship, I went back to basics and painted some troops for my Scout Company. These scouts were given to me by my mate Stretch over at The plan here is to add the Scout Company to my 1st and 4th Companies. So far I'm up to 30 Scouts + the Captain painted, not too shabby considering I'm working on them sporadically and in-between over projects.

These guys are cool because I did head swaps and gave them shotguns (shotguns alone make anything cool). To switch the heads I had to carefully use a cordless drill with the right sized bit to create a hole to take the standard marine head. They fit quite well if you can get the head to sit low enough.

Another small conversion was the scout holding the missile. I'm wondering now though if I should have had another scout loading the missile launcher for the operator though.

I've got a Grey Knight Purgation Squad on my desk at the moment, but I'm hoping to return to the scouts soon. Next blog will be more Thunderhawk goodness.