Check out the size of this model in the first dry fit! It's huge. I think I'm going to need a bigger desk. As you can see some of the parts aren't fully cleaned up yet, but I couldn't resist doing a dry fit and posting a picture on here. It actually showed how bad the fit was on these large parts. This is a job for my wife's hair dryer and a bowl of cold water.

Here you can see the ceiling has warped and one of the sides of the hull isn't straight. I heat the warped area up with the hair dryer, I prefer this method because you can direct the heat were it's exactly needed. It's then a quick dunk in the cold water holding the part in it's new position to set it. Not sure if dry fit is the right description... it's a cold wet fit at the moment.

Check out the action shot. Have you ever seen a more manly use of a hair dryer. Not sure about my claw hand, I'm definitely a Genestealer Hybrid (shhh don't tell the Ultramarines). In the last pic you can see the fit is much much better. The cup of tea in the shot is not just a tasty liquid refreshment it's also holding the rear end piece up as a handy prop.

Next update I will be showing you my tools of the trade and pinning those heavy wings in place. Don't miss it!