Having added the the rear tail fin in the last blog entry, I continued down the aerilon route and added the front wings, their aerilons and the main wing aerilons.

First things first, a nice cup of tea in my favourite mug! Secondly the clean up, it's the usual hacksawing lumps of resin off and cleaning up with file and knife.

Here you can see the front wings with their aerilons glued in place. I then pin these to the main body.

In these pics you can see I've detached the main wings and started gluing the aerilons into place. I've also glued the air brake not the body. I decided to glue mine shut. I thought the piece looked awkward with them open.

The project is moving along swiftly, but there are still lots of in the bags to assemble. It's pretty much just heavy bolters and missiles left to do though.